Giant Beehive In Midland Weighs Over 90 Pounds And Contains Thousands Of Bees

Bees, Wasps, Nest, Beehive, Tree
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

From a distance, it looks like someone just hung a gigantic wooden box from a tree.

Upon closer inspection, though we recommend not getting too close, you’ll find that this mysterious wooden box in Midland is actually a HUGE beehive.  

In fact, Sibley Nature Center scientist Michael Nickell believes this to be the largest natural hive he’s ever seen across all of West Texas.  

Homeowner Garrett Nichols discovered the 90 pound hive a few months ago while mowing his lawn.  He found honeycombs on the ground, and looked up. He said, “It was quite a fright just to see them up there; there’s probably thousands of bees up there and that’s startling to see when you’re right underneath them.”

We recommend not going to Midland any time soon!