This Giant Tarantula Swimming In A Texas State Park Is Here To Ruin Your Summer

Brazilian Black Velvet Tarantula, Outdoors, Grass, Black, Giant, Spider, Mossy Log
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

School's have let out, and the heat is upon us, so there is no doubt you have spent some time in the water.

We haven't even hit the official start of summer yet, so there are still plenty of months to enjoy a dip in the pool or lake over the next few months.

Which is why we're so sorry we are about to ruin your whole summer for you.

A video was captured at Big Bend Ranch State Park, located on the Rio Grande near Presidio, Texas, that shows a gigantic tarantula swimming through a small pool of water as if it were nothing.  It used it little legs as paddles, and swam with no problems.

And now we're absolutely terrified.

So how many of y'all will be spending your entire summer indoors with us?