The University Of Nevada Planning To House Students Inside Hotel And Casino

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Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

The University of Nevada, Reno has an immediate need for emergency student housing.

Earlier this month, a boiler explosion led to a larger gas explosion that left two of the university’s dorms unlivable.  The school now needs to find a home for the some 1,3000 students who were to live at Nye and Argenta halls.

The school does have a solution, however: the nearby Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

The west tower hotel and casino will be renamed “Wolf Pack Tower,” and will soon be home to the displaced students.  For safety reasons, the tower is completely segregated from the casino, and students will have their own special entrance, keycard required, and there will be round-the-clock security.

Shannon Ellis, university vice president of student services, said in a statement, “We feel it is vitally important that the 1,300 students, who will not be living in Argenta and Nye Halls this fall, still have an integrated university housing experience, one that will include all of the support infrastructure we know is vital to first-year students’ success and retention.”

Good luck to all those students next year living within walking distance of a casino!