Local Couple Goes Viral For Taking Raw Chicken Into Popeye's

Storefront of Popeye's Chicken restaurant
Photo credit (Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

The new Popeye's chicken sandwich is all the rage. Over the weekend, I saw a Tweet that said there were only four locations in North Texas that still had supplies in stock to make one. 

That didn't stop Scoota & Cutie from trying to get a hold of one. Scoota got a raw chicken, put it on his hand like a puppet, and barged into Popeye's in Irving to see if they would cook it. Cutie asked, "Can we have a bun?" The surrounding customers are laughing as the workers shut 'em down. One woman starts filiming back. Scoota said the fast food chain called the cops, but he and Cutie left before anything happened. So far this local video has nearly four million views on social media. Keep on keepin' on, Guys! 

From the employee's point-of-view: 


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