Local TikTokker Asks People With Expensive Cars What They Do For A Living

Five distinctive gold wrapped supercars minicabs including the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Ghost II, Mercedes G Wagon and Mclaren 720s were officially unveiled at a launch event at The Dorchester Hotel in London.
Photo credit (John Phillips/ Getty Images)

Admit it, we've all pulled up next to someone driving a $500,000 car at a red light, and thought, "Damn, I wonder what he does for a living".

So, Daniel Macdonald took his camera to Highland Park Village and asked that exact question to people in expensive vehicles. Answers ranged from "I'm a doctor" to "Retired" to "Inheritance" and my personal fave: "I'm married." Apparently, I'm in the wrong industry! Lol.