Texas Teachers Stay Overnight To Cook Hot Meals And Take Care Of Students Stuck Due To Storms

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Tuesday, hundreds of students in Southeast Texas were stuck at school due to flooding.

Rising water due to the storms kept students in three counties near the coast from getting home safely, so they just had to stay at school and wait it out.  So, if the students had to stay, someone had to be there to take care of them!

At Southside Elementary in Cleveland, about 800 students were forced to stay late Tuesday evening due to the storms.  Wednesday morning, about 60 were left.  In the meantime, several teachers, the principal, and even the Assistant Superintendent were right along with the kids cooking hot meals in the kitchen, entertaining them, and making sure they were as comfortable as possible as they slept on cots lined in the gymnasium.

By 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, all students were picked up and safely returned home.  

However, Cleveland ISD remain closed yesterday.

Via ABC 13