“Tinder For Dogs” App Lets Dog Lovers Swipe For Perfect Pet Match

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Animal lovers in Lithuania want to get as many dogs adopted as possible.

In order to find these pooches a forever home, developers have recently launched GetPet, which essentially is Tinder for dogs.  Animals lovers can scroll through different dogs, swiping left or right until they find their perfect pet match.

Vaidas Gecevicius, one of the app’s creators said, “It is like Tinder, but with dogs. You can arrange a meeting with the dog – a date.”  

For now, the app only features dogs, but Gecevicius hopes to include cats and other animals soon.  

Ilona Reklaityte, founder of SOS Gyvunai shelter, loves the app and has worked with the developers to help all her dogs find homes. She said, “I really welcome this new app as it gives us more chances to find our pets new owners and a new home, and that means we can then help other dogs still on the streets.  We have 140 dogs right now.  Sometimes we give away one or two of them every day, but now we receive (many) more calls and people are coming more often.”

Via News Channel 9