12.03.21 Dr. Miles - Woman sent home by boyfriend because he didn't like her outfit

Woman in a crop top standing against a brick wall
Woman in a crop top standing against a brick wall Photo credit Getty Images

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after posting a video that alleged her boyfriend sent her home in an Uber from one of his work functions because he did not like her outfit!

For a grand opening for the retail company he works for, Nikki Jabs wore a "black, long-sleeved crop top and pink, paper-bag trousers, though when she went to go pick up "Greg," he did not approve.

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Per Yahoo, Jabs, who often posts TikToks about relationships and dating, said, "He was too embarrassed to be seen with me in this outfit, so he sent me home in an Uber and went to the opening without me."

So this leads us to our Dr. Miles Intervention this morning: Who is in the wrong here?

Both Nikki and Greg seem to have greatly overreacted to the situation, but should Nikki have considered Greg's feelings when trying to decide her outfit?

Should Greg have handled the situation better and not have called an Uber and sent Nikki home?

And should Nikki realize that Greg is truly sorry, and give him a chance to make up for this fiasco and bring him back into her life?

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