43% of Americans are working the job they dreamed of having as kids

How many of you are working your dream job?
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Think about the job you dreamed of having as a kid. How many of you have careers in that field today as adults?

A new survey from SWNS found that 43% of Americans actually have the job they DREAMED of having as a kid!

The survey also found that most people knew what they wanted to do for a career when they were just seven-years-old.

The top ten jobs we all wanted when we were kids include:

1 - Doctor or Nurse
2 - Lawyer
3 - Actor or Actress
4 - Artist
5 - Teacher
6 - Singer or Musician
7 - Scientist
8 - Dancer
9 - Athlete
10 - Writer

19% of those surveyed said they used to work in their dream job, but don't anymore.

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