Study finds nearly 50% of Americans don’t feel like an adult until they’re 30

Man holding bundle of keys
Man holding bundle of keys Photo credit Getty Images/fizkes

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans found that it takes a while before we all start feeling like a real adult.

In fact, according to OnePoll, on behalf of Avocado Green Brands, only 53% felt like an adult when they turned 18, many more said it wasn’t until they turned 29 for adulthood to truly sink in.

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According to the survey, the top five actions that made people feel like an adult included:

Living on their own – 30%
Buying a house – 28%
Getting married – 27%
Having their own bank account – 27%
Having kids – 26%

Ultimately though, the majority of respondents seem to believe that 18 is merely an “arbitrary age” at which to consider someone an adult, that 59% of folks still don’t always feel like an adult, and 79% say that being an adult is more about actions than age.

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