6.17.21 Dr. Miles - Woman is tired of her boring husband

Woman frustrated with husband watching tv
Woman frustrated with husband watching tv

A woman sent in an email describing how she's tired of how boring her husband has become.

She wrote:

Dear Dr. Miles,

I love my husband BUT he's boring. The longer we're together, the worse it gets. He does the same thing every single day and does not change things up. He gets up, goes to work, takes the same ham sandwich for lunch, comes home only to turn on ESPN classics rewatching old football games he's seen 1000 times. He even regulates dinners. Sure there are 5 options, but damn it every Monday night doesn't have to be sloppy joe night. And heaven forbid he gets to bed any later than 930PM on the dot. Its just the same thing over and over. No matter what I do or say, same thing day and day out. He's completely content in this lifestyle. I am not. What do I do? It doesn't even have to be anything drastic...even just one thing to shake things up a bit. HELP!

What can this woman do for help? If marriage is a partnership, and this is what makes her husband comfortable, shouldn't she understand that and learn to adapt to her mate?

On the flip side, does her husband need to realize that her days are starting to feel stagnant and complacent, and she just wants him to shake things up a bit?

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