Adorable baby says "mama" in hilarious, demonic voice

Baby talking to mom
Baby talking to mom Photo credit Getty Images

A baby saying their first word is no doubt an incredible occasion, already momentous in its own right.

This sweet baby in Ireland took his first word to the next level, to the stop where the entire world is wondering if he is actually part demon.

16-month-old Aiden James, affectionately called AJ, was sitting on his father's lap while his mother Maiken Woll Eide was trying to coax him into saying "mama."

Good thing Maiken was recording, too, because AJ does say "mama," and he says it exactly how the girl from The Exorcist would say it!

AJ is also learning to say papa as well, but still, Maiken and her husband Julian love his little demon voice.

They told ABC 7 "We laughed so hard, and he's still saying 'mama' like that."