Dallas woman opens "Tickle Bar," where you pay to have someone tickle you

Tickle, Tickling, Feet, Feather
Tickle, Tickling, Feet, Feather Photo credit Getty Images

Kimberly Haley-Coleman in't sure of her new business venture is crazy, brilliant, or both.

The Dallas woman says, "When I tell people I get a really polarized reaction,” Haley-Coleman says. “It’s either, ‘Oh my God, that’s genius, why hasn’t anyone done that before?’ or it’s ‘No one is going to do that. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.’ That’s when I knew I had to try it."

Haley-Coleman has just opened the "The Tickle Bar," an establishment that is exactly what it sounds like. Patrons can pay $40 or $60, depending on the length of the session, after which you'll receive a glass of wine and be taken to your own Moroccan-style "tickle tent" and receive any kind of tickle you want: Hair play, back tickles, or both!

There are two length of sessions available, 25 or 50 minutes. You also have the option to go shirt on, or shirt off.

Haley-Coleman is just looking to put some smiles back on people’s faces.

She says, "We’re all just so sick of [COVID] and we’re really missing touch. I just hope we’re doing this in a fun and innovative enough way that people go, ‘Yeah that’s something that I want to do.’ Jobs and joy, that’s what I’m really wanting to create.”

Via Dallas Observer