Experts warn that huffing onions is not an actual cure for Covid

We can not make something like this up.
Chopping onions on a wooden block
Chopping onions on a wooden block Photo credit Getty Images

We're not sure how these rumors start, and they would be a lot more fun if a TON of people didn't fall for them, but a new cure for Covid as been circulating on the internet, and it involves onions.

Apparently, if you cut an onion in half, cup it in your hands, bring it up to your nose and mouth, and breathe in heavily, the fumes will kill the Coronavirus.

We can not make something like this up.

Well sadly for all you onion huffers, experts have warned that this is not a viable way to handle the Coronavirus. One doctor, according to AFP Fact Check, even said it's just more "bogus" misinformation that could actually be harmful to the general public.

Multiple "multilingual keyboard searches" found that "no credible evidence" exists that onions can kill Covid-19 or prevent the spread of the virus, and, according to Dr. Khin Khin Gyi, director of the Central Infectious Diseases Control Division in Myanmar, if a Covid-19 patient thinks that he will get better by inhaling onions, "it may be too late to get the necessary treatment."

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