Fired from America - 10/19 to 10/23

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Miles in the Morning

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10/19 - Florida woman keeps telling police her name is "My butt just farted" during arrest
Last week, police in St. Petersburg Florida were arresting a woman for trespassing in a gas station and repeatedly kept asking for her name. The woman would just not comply, however, and for as many times as police would ask her name, she would tell them it was "My butt just farted."

10/20 - Florida men busted in illegal, million-dollar flying squirrel trafficking ring
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission concluded up a 19-month investigation yesterday into a flying-squirrel trafficking ring operating out of the state.

10/21 - Man steals $1,000 in items from Walmart by scanning Kool-Aid packet hidden in palm of hand
Florida man Bradley Young almost walked out of his local Walmart with $1,000 in merchandise that he did not pay for.

10/22 - Drunk man arrested after breaking into McDonald's looking for chicken nuggets
Police in Westlake, Ohio responded to a call to a local McDonald's earlier this month around 1:30 am. When they arrived at the scene, they found a 25-year-old man walking out of the restaurant. The apprehended the guy, and it turns out, he just wanted a late-night snack.

10/23 - First date ends with arrest after man leads police on chase with date in passenger's seat
A couple in Oklahoma first met on a dating app earlier this week and decided to meet in person. Brandon Hembree of Tulsa, Oklahoma met the lovely woman this past Wednesday, but before their date could really go anywhere, the familiar red and blue flashing lights of a police car lit up behind Hembree's truck.