Fired from America - 5/03 - 5/07

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5/03 - Man arrested for swinging colostomy bag around bar owned by Kid Rock
Police in Nashville were called to Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock ‘N Roll Steakhouse, a bar and restaurant owned by musician Kid Rock, after they received calls of a man disturbing the crowd at the bar.

5/04 - 59-year-old arrested after attacking man who wouldn't give him back his disco ball
Last week, 59-year-old guy Rodney Thomas of Jonesboro, Arkansas sold another gentleman a disco ball. Money was exchanged and the transaction was completed, until Thomas had some regrets. He wanted his disco ball back.

5/05 - Florida woman arrested after offering lap dances to strangers while drunk in public
Aspiring model Olivia Taylor-Washek was hanging out outside a bar in St. Petersburg, Florida where she would offer strangers and passersby what many would find a particularly enticing offer: a lap dance!

5/06 - Woman arrested after disrupting ex's funeral by speeding through cemetery in her SUV
It was really important for 28-year-old Blair Whitten to get the final word in her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. We’re not sure this was the correct way to go about it, however.

5/07 - Woman accused of setting own home on fire and watching it burn while sitting in front yard
Gail J. Metwally of Cecil County, Maryland was arrested Thursday after she set her OWN house on fire, while somebody was still inside, after which she sat on the front lawn in a chair smiling watching the whole thing unfold.