'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner Kicks Off Bachelorette Wig Party With Her Girlfriends

While Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are already legally married, they still have their summer ceremony to look forward to, surrounded by family and friends. 

Fans have reason to believe that the big day is just around the corner, as it seems Turner and her pals have taken to Spain for some bachelorette party festivities. 

Turner and maid of honor Maisie Williams were spotted in photos posted to Instagram by some of the other pals in attendance. According to gal pal Blair Croce, the trip kicks off with some much-needed McDonald’s on a private plane.

The ladies then geared up for a killer wig party, and the photos show all 12 ladies sporting bright colors and wacky wigs.

There’s even a rare selfie of Turner and Croce wearing their wigs paired with a throwback photo of the two. 

A post from another bridal party member, Ellie Johnson, shows the ladies about to board the plane as well as an in-plane selfie where Turner is sporting her “bride to be” sash.

The couple’s premature marriage status isn’t stopping them from pulling out all of the wedding stops. Turner’s wedding celebrations come just two weeks after husband Jonas took to Ibiza with some pals to celebrate a bachelor party of his own. Both seem eager to get to their ceremony in France, and Jonas even revealed to Harper’s Bazaar his reasoning behind the Vegas marriage. 

“We had to do a legal marriage before we did a real big one,” he says. “It was either the courthouse or our version, and I preferred our version. Friends, Elvis, and Ring Pops.”