"Geriatric Millennials" now refer to anyone born between 1980-1985

Young woman looking out window of home office
Young woman looking out window of home office Photo credit Getty Images

The oft-maligned group known as "millennials" may be the key to bridging the generational divide in this new hybrid workforce many companies will be experiencing going forward.

Millennials born between 1980 and 1985 are now being referred to as "Geriatric Millennials," and have a unique viewpoint of life that makes them a "natural leaders," according to Medium.

The site says that Geriatric Millennials are good with computers, but come from an age where people weren't glued to their phones yet, and can often bridge the gap between older employees and younger hires.

Many have found issue with the term "geriatric," though, and have suggested calling that group of individuals "seasoned millennials," "elder millennials, and "original millennials."