Senior citizens influencers are making a ton of money on Instagram as "Granfluencers"

Grandmother wearing '80s outfit dabbing
Grandmother wearing '80s outfit dabbing Photo credit Getty Images

The world seems to be all about the influencers these days, but we haven't seen this type of influencer before. They're called...Granfluencers, and they consist of web-savvy seniors who have millions of followers and make a TON of money.

Helen Ruth Elam of Knoxville, Kentucky is 92-years-old, and started influencing at the age of 85. Per the NY Post, she now has 3.6 million Instagram followers and sponsorships that net her up to $9,815 per each promo she posts!

74-year-old Joan MacDonald has 1.1 million followers by posting pictures documenting her fit lifestyle.

And if people are shocked with the Granfluencer movement, Joan has something simple to say, "People think, ‘Oh, Grandma, what does she know?' But you’d be amazed at what Grandma can do.”