High school teacher lets students sleep in class as part of "study lesson"

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Isaac Harms is a psychology teacher at Murray County Central High School in southwestern Minnesota.

Students look forward to Mr. Harms' class every year for one particular lesson where they get to SLEEP in class!

For the lesson, Mr. Harms reads his students a 20 minute story as they fall asleep right in the classroom! When the story is concluded, and after the students wake up, the class discusses what happens to the body when you fall asleep.

Harms explained on Instagram, "After some quick breathing instructions for relaxation, I tell a scripted story with a detailed outline. Once the story is complete, students begin to wake up from their altered state of consciousness and we walk through what they remember from the story while matching it to the stages of sleep.

Harms says students learn what stage of sleep their body entered based on what they can remember from the story read aloud.

And of course, his students are ALL for it! Senior Victoria Pierson says, "We all thought it was really cool because high schoolers tend to be overtired, so, we got a bit of a nap time. I honestly think he's the best teacher we have. He's very good about getting the message across rather than memorize or learn it for a test."

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