Hong Kong bus service provides round trips for adults who just want to nap

The first "Sleeping Bus Tour" took place on Saturday and was sold out!
Woman with sleeping mask sitting on bus
Woman with sleeping mask sitting on bus Photo credit Getty Images

An age-old trick plenty of parents have used to get their small children to take a nap is load them up in the car and drive them around. Sometimes a soothing car-ride is all someone needs to fall asleep.

Well a new company in Hong Kong has implemented that very idea for "travel-starved, sleep-deprived residents" who just can't seem to sleep anywhere else.

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Kenneth Kong, the marketing and business development manager of "ulu travel" told the Associated Press "When we were brainstorming new tours, I saw a social media post from my friend saying that he was stressed out by his work, he couldn’t sleep at night. But when he was traveling on the bus, he was able to sleep well. His post inspired us to create this tour that lets passengers just sleep on the bus."

Tickets cost between $13 to $51 per person, depending on whether passengers sit in the upper or lower deck, and each passenger receives a goodie bag that includes an eye-mask and ear plugs.

The first “Sleeping Bus Tour” last Saturday, and was completely sold out!

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