1.26.21 Dr. Miles - Husband refuses to grill because his wife's ex released his own rub

Man seasoning steak
Man seasoning steak Photo credit Getty Images/Mikhail Spaskov

Grilling is an art, and every man and woman who has decided to undertake this hobby has a very specific way of doing things, and can often be quite sensitive about their methods.

So what happens when you learn your spouse's ex is way better at grilling than you?

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Our Dr. Miles Intervention this morning comes from that very scenario. A woman is upset because her husband has all of a sudden stopped grilling steaks for the family.

The reason? He found out her ex apparently was a MASTER griller, to the point that he's released his own BBQ rub! So of course, he's feeling a little inadequate.

Is her husband overreacting? If she enjoys her current husband's steaks, should it matter what her ex could do?

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