Knowing a house is haunted will not scare off potential home buyers

Who wouldn't want a ghost as a roommate?
Creepy haunted house
Creepy haunted house Photo credit Getty Images

For a while there the housing market was absolutely bonkers, and though we seem to be on the tail end of the madness, it's still incredibly difficult to find a home.

One thing that apparently will NOT scare off potential home buyers, and might even encourage some, is if the house is haunted!

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A new study from Real Estate Witch found that 73% of potential home buyers say they’d consider purchasing a haunted house and 52% would even use it to their advantage to pay negotiate a lower price.

Though some might find ghosts frightening, more buyers are scared off when purchasing a new home by mold (57%), foundation issues (56%), termites (54%), asbestos (54%), and water damage (54%).

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