Most people make the first big "adult purchase" of their lives at 22-years-old

Though we make our first adult purchase at 22, the average person doesn't start feeling like an adult until the age of 25.
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Think back to your first "adult purchase."

Some might say it was a car, or a house. Others might even think the first time they purchased a vacuum cleaner they were a full-on adult. What age were you when you first bought something you considered an adult purchase?

A new survey from OnePoll found that most people made their first adult purchase relatively young, at the age of 22, though the average person didn't start feeling like an adult until the age of 25.

The poll also found:

1. The top signs you're a true adult include: Saving money . . . doing taxes . . . sticking to a budget . . . buying life insurance . . . and making regular doctor's appointments.

2.  39% of us feel like our friends are significantly better at adulting than we are.

3.  51% of adults go to older people with questions about things like taxes, mortgages, and life insurance.

4.  43% of parents say that having kids has made them a more careful driver.  And just under a third said they're more likely to read nutrition labels now.

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