Most Popular Pet Costumes this Halloween

Who's a good ghoul?
dog sit as a ghost for halloween in front of the door at home entrance with pumpkin lantern or light , scary and spooky
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There are two types of pet owners: those who dress up their animals and those who don't. I belong to the former category. They just look so cute!

A new survey from National Retail Federation polled just over 1000 people asking if they plan to their furbabies in Halloween costumes. 30% of people said yes. These are the most popular costumes for your four-legged family members.

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1. Pumpkin- 10%
2. Hot dog- 5% (My weenie dog has this one.)

Biff Barkley the wiener dog
Photo credit Sybil Summers/ Audacy

3/4. Superhero or Cat- Tied at 4%
5. Bumblebee- 3% (He has this too!)

Photo credit Sybil Summers/ Audacy

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