Nearly 100% of motorists admit to driving distracted; 1 in 3 incidents lead to crash

Woman texting while driving
Woman texting while driving Photo credit Getty Images/LeManna

It’s a terrible habit that nearly all of us can admit to committing: using our phone while driving.

We know it’s dangerous, and yet we continue to not dedicate 100% of our attention to this 5,000 pound hunk of metal we’re driving 70mph down the highway.

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A new survey courtesy of Study Finds, found that the most common causes of distracted driving were talking with a passenger or messing with the radio, followed by daydreaming, and eating or drinking.

The distractions that held the highest risk of causing a car accident included texting, adjusting the GPS, daydreaming, and making calls while holding a phone.

The survey found that over 17% of drivers injured in a crash were distracted behind the wheel at the time of the incident, and that 12% were hurt in the car accident.

Additionally, 31% have been distracted in previous crashes, and 48% said distracted driving led to a “close call.”

Furthermore, the study found the type of driver more likely to get distracted behind the wheel is male, of an older age, and has a higher income.

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