Passenger attacks flight crew and airline suspends the employees

These outbursts are getting out of control.
Interior of commercial airplane with passengers in their seats during flight
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Another unruly passenger on board an aircraft has gone viral for getting into an altercation. Maxwell Berry, 22, was on a flight from Philadelphia, PA to Miami, FL over the weekend. The Ohio Wesleyan student had spilled a drink on himself so he went to the bathroom to change but instead came out shirtless. As a flight attendant tried to help find a shirt for him in his carry-on, he groped some of the female flight crew across their chests.

According to witnesses and video, Berry also punched a Frontier Airlines attendant. The male flight attendant was able to restrain him and then proceeded to duct tape him to a seat until the plane landed.

Upon landing, the heated traveler was arrested for assault by Miami authorities. According to ABC's Transportation Reporter Sam Sweeney, the flight crew was suspended for taping the belligerent customer to his seat.