Study finds people would rather sleep with their pet than their partner

Woman laying with dog on pillow in bed
Woman laying with dog on pillow in bed Photo credit Getty Images/Boris Jovanovic

In news not surprising to anyone, a new survey says that humans enjoy snuggling with their pets than they do their actual partners.

66% of the 2,000 respondents said they allow their precious pets to sleep in their bed, while 58% admitted to preferring to share a bed with their furry friends.

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51%  of folks said that cuddling with their pet helped with their stress and anxiety, while 42% said their cuddly company makes them feel secure in bed overall!

Brent Pfister, the senior vice president of marketing for Sealy, said per the New York Post, “Having a good night’s rest is crucial to our overall health and well-being.  As shown by this study, co-sleeping with pets can bring a sense of security and can help people and their pets settle in easier for bedtime; however, many people sleeping with their pets experience interrupted nighttime sleep and so may also be sacrificing overall sleep quality and some of the more physical benefits gained from a night of good sleep.”

Despite most folks feeling comforted and relaxed next to their animals, pet owners reported that their sleep was disrupted two nights a week on average because of their cute companions’ restlessness, and 62% blamed their pets for feeling overheated.

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