PETA calls for women to withhold sex from men who eat meat

Man with a piece of steak on his fork
Man with a piece of steak on his fork Photo credit Getty Images/Bogdan Kurylo

PETA is ready to hurt meat eaters where it hurts them most, in the bedroom.

The organization is advocating for women to withhold sex from men who eat meat, in order for them to “take accountability for their actions.”

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In a blog post on PETA’s website, advocate Elena Waldman states:

We all know them—the suburban men with beer bottles in hand, brandishing tongs while cooking sausages on their expensive gas grills. These barbecue masters believe that they can prove their masculinity to themselves and their fellow humans through their consumption of meat, not only hurting animals but also harming the planet.

The science speaks for itself: A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that men contribute significantly more to the climate catastrophe than women, primarily through their meat consumption,” continued Waldman before announcing that “that’s why PETA’s proposing a strike on sex with meat-eating men to persuade them to go vegan.”  

“Men need to take accountability for their actions. Now that research shows that their impact on the climate is so disproportionately large, they should take steps to rectify that.

PETA did not clarify whether or not it would support a similar strike geared toward meat-eating women.

Waldman wrote, “For all fathers who still are grilling meat but want their children to have a healthy future on a habitable planet, it’s time for a lifestyle change.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Bogdan Kurylo