Petition calls for converting one of the last remaining Blockbusters into a museum

Blockbuster Video, Storefront
Blockbuster Video, Storefront Photo credit TRIPPLAAR KRISTOFFER/SIPA

The world's last remaining operating Blockbuster Video store is located in Bend, Oregon.

However, there is another location still standing, albeit vacant and abandoned, near the Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. One man, Andrew Stuart, has started a petition to not only save one of these last Blockbusters on the face of the Earth, but to convert the location into a Blockbuster museum!

Stuart writes in the online petition:

Just outside Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs has one of the last intact Blockbusters in the world. This site is of great importance to millions of people across the globe who grew up with this icon. Imagine getting to share the magic of Blockbuster with future generations by keeping this potential museum intact.

This historic building could provide some much-needed tourism and economic growth to the area for Owen Sound and all of Grey Bruce. I know I stop in and reminisce from time to time.

At the height of its success in 2004, Blockbuster had more than 9,000 stores operating worldwide. Blockbuster filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection in 2010, however, and by early 2014 had closed its final 300 stores.

All save for the one in Bend, Oregon.

Via The Windsor Star