Plastic surgery on the rise due to people tired of seeing their face on Zoom calls

Zoom Call, Laptop, Coworkers
Zoom Call, Laptop, Coworkers Photo credit Getty Images

With the rise of Zoom calls and video chats in 2020, people these days are staring a lot more at their faces, and people, it seems, are not happy with what they are seeing.

The amount of plastic surgeries this year is on the RISE in a big way this year, with one plastic surgeon saying he was performing more than out 90% of the amount of injectable procedures (fillers and Botox) now than in the same time period last year.

Many plastic surgery patients have grown concerned about the features that are highlighted on typical video call camera angles, like their necks, jawlines, and chins.

Along with the rise in Zoom calls, people are getting more plastic surgery because they simply have the time to recover. We're home more than ever these days, and since most of us are working at home people can still recover while clocking in everyday.

Via Engadget