Porch pirate caught after car gets stuck in snow during getaway attempt

Car Stuck In Snow, Tire
Car Stuck In Snow, Tire Photo credit Getty Images

A porch pirate in Canada was caught in the act swiping a package off someone's porch Monday afternoon, and tried to quickly get away from the residence in his Toyota Yaris.

Unfortunately, he probably should've attached some snow tires to the vehicle because as he was backing away from the home, his car got stuck on a snow bank, leaving his front tire just spinning endlessly as the vehicle just remains stagnant.

The car apparently has front wheel drive, so if those front wheels weren't touching the ground, it wouldn't go anywhere. And this was proven when further video shows police surrounding the vehicle, eventually arresting the 33-year-old thief.

The porch pirate is now facing charges of one count of fraud, and one count of theft.

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