Researchers predict mullets will be making a huge comeback in 2022

Man with a mullet haircut and sunglasses
Man with a mullet haircut and sunglasses Photo credit William Bretzger / Delaware News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Fashion trends come and go we all know that, but what exactly grows popular and why are still the big questions everyone tries to answer.

Well researchers at Pinterest have made some calculations, and have predicted some of the fashion trends that will see a resurgence in 2022, one of them being the mullet!

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According to Fox News, Pinterest's "Pinterest Predicts 2022" report, consumers have been on the lookout for vintage- and nature-inspired styles, alternative subcultures, comfort, patterns, textures, and vibrant colors.

And searches for the mullet have increased 190% in the last year, largely from Gen Z users, making it the most popular hairstyle in the "Rebel Cut" category.

Pinterest also predicts a surge in popularity for nightdresses, bedazzled accessories, tooth gems, pearls, high puff hairstyles, checkboard patterns, Vibrant, colorful outfits, luxury makeovers to non-traditional spaces, like basements, garages, and laundry rooms, "Hellenistic" jewelry and décor inspired by Ancient Greece, and "goth business casual" outfits.

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