Science proves that thinking too hard can make you feel tired

Man thinking hard and rubbing forehead
Man thinking hard and rubbing forehead Photo credit Getty Images/MangoStar_Studio

Scientists have proven that indeed, thinking too hard can actually make you feel tired.

Per Study Finds, researchers in France have found that when a brain performs intense cognitive work , "potentially toxic byproducts" build up in the prefrontal cortex which causes “cognitive fatigue.”

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Cognitive fatigue typically occurs after a few hours or longer, and results in you performing low-energy actions that “may deliver rewards with no effort or waiting.”

When we think too hard, we do things just to get the job done, even if it isn’t the best solution.  Simple as that.

Unfortunately, the study didn’t provide any solution to this cognitive fatigue.

Instead, the researchers just recommend the usual like making sure to get plenty of rest.

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