The best summer drink for you based on your zodiac sign

Two glasses of drink with slices of fresh grapefruit against bright beige and blue background
Two glasses of drink with slices of fresh grapefruit against bright beige and blue background Photo credit Getty Images/Bozidarka Jaglicic

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s about time you find yourself a new cocktail for the season.

And BestLife found the perfect drink for you, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Bourbon, Neat
Aries are independent and confident, so they're not worried about someone judging them for their drink order. And ultimately, they want something simple.

Taurus: May Wine
Taureans have a regal quality, which is why they deserve an equally elegant aperitif.

Gemini: French 75
This social sign deserves a celebratory adult beverage worthy of their big nights out.  It seems light, sweet and social, but has an edge, just like them.

Cancer: Piña Colada
There's nothing Cancers love more than comfort, and what's more reassuring than what's basically an adult milkshake?

Leo: Gold Rush
This confident, creative sign loves anything "luxurious and unique," which makes this "classy, eye-catching, simple and straightforward.”

Virgo: Sazerac
Virgos are extremely matter of fact, which is why they require a nightcap with "very specific ingredients.”

Libra: Aperol Spritz
Libras are "balanced, classic, and classy," which is exactly how someone would describe an Aperol Spritz.

Scorpio: Scotch
Scorpios should opt for a good Scotch because it's as straightforward as they are, and since Scorpios can often come across as intense, they'll appreciate the "peat accumulation of decayed matter that is burned to dry."

Sagittarius: Margarita
A wild Sagittarius should order a margarita with some tequila shots on the side, just in case they want a truly crazy night, as this sign likes to have a good time, and this sweet but salty combination is perfect.

Capricorn: Espresso Martini
This sign loves feeling powerful and what's more influential than asking for an extremely elegant order with a major kick?

Aquarius: Midori Sour
Aquarians don't want average booze and you certainly won't find them opting for a beer. Instead, they should try a Midori Sour, since it's "a quirky green drink for our slightly alien Aquarian friends.”

Pisces: Paloma It’s a nice balance of sweet and salty, just like the two sides of a changeable Pisces.

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