Two drunk drivers crash into each other, only for a third drunk driver to crash into their accident

Car crash, Night
Car crash, Night Photo credit Getty Images

Early Sunday morning in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, three men were involved in a car crash, and through they were complete strangers, they all had one thing in common: they were all drunk.

56-year-old Kraig Herbrechtsmeir veered into the other lane on the highway and crashed head-on into 33-year-old named Christopher Sanchez. And then, just a few moments later, 45-year-old Herbert Aguirre-Lopez crashed into their pile.

After police arrived at the scene, they found that all three men were driving drunk.

All three men are now facing charges of operating their vehicles while intoxicated, according to the Journal Times.

Herbrechtsmeir was charged with first offense operating while intoxicated and driving the wrong way on a divided highway, Sanchez was charged with first offense OWI, and Aguirre-Lopez was was charged with third offense OWI.