New TikTok trend has people supergluing fake fangs on their teeth to look like vampires

Vampire Teeth, Fangs, Woman, Lipstick
Vampire Teeth, Fangs, Woman, Lipstick Photo credit Getty Images

A dangerous new trend on TikTok has parents worried and shaking their heads all at the same time.

People on TikTok are giving themselves fake vampire fangs by gluing items to their ACTUAL teeth to give them the effect. Some have even used fake, acrylic nails to achieve the desired look.

A search for "#vampirefangs" on TikTok results in 9 MILLION video views, and dentists are NOT happy. Obviously.

Dr. LaQuia Vinson with The Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health says that using glues or other adhesives not meant for oral use can actually cause erosion or inflammation to the enamel. It could also, in more serious cases, cause a chemical burn with "lacerations or sloughing of the tissues in the oral cavity."

So please don't go and glue fake fangs to your teeth. Not a good idea!

Via WishTV