Experts say today is the last day to eat Thanksgiving leftovers or they'll make you sick

Stacked containers of leftovers
Stacked containers of leftovers Photo credit Getty Images

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and no doubt plenty of you still have plenty of leftovers occupying space in your refrigerator.

Well, some experts say that TODAY is the last day you should eat those leftovers, for fear that consuming them after today will make you sick to your stomach!

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, your Thanksgiving foods can be safely stored and last in the fridge anywhere from three to four days before you should consider throwing them out! If consumed after four days, they could make you sick!

And since Thanksgiving was four days ago, today is your LAST day to consume those leftovers!

If you don't want to waste any of your leftovers, freezing your foods will help extend their lives for several months, though there is one Thanksgiving delicacy that lasts beyond the four day mark in your fridge!

Homemade cranberry sauce can last from a week up to ten days, and the canned stuff can last up to two weeks in the fridge!

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