These are the Top 10 Most Used Slang Words

1 out of 5 Americans use jargon in every conversation.
Blonde woman writes Bae (slang for Before Anyone Else, representing a romantic relationship) in sand on the beach
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A tutoring website called Preply surveyed 2,000 Americans to ask about slang. The results showed which words are tired and what phrases are doing too much.

Of the people polled, 80% said they use this vernacular in most conversations. Half of the peeps said they use words even if they don't know what it means. In the workplace, 46% of folks think it's okay to use this speech when you're grinding.

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According to the study, these are the 10 most popular terms.

10. Thirsty
9. Savage
8. Catfish
7. Low-key
6. Extra
4. Woke
3. On point
2. Salty
1. Ghosted

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