Walmart will be selling essential Easter items at last year’s prices to combat inflation

A Walmart logo seen from the parking lot of its store in Bloomsburg
A Walmart logo seen from the parking lot of its store in Bloomsburg Photo credit SOPA Images

A lot of us are still trying to manage our budgets while dealing with inflation.  Keeping a tight budget has been incredibly difficult, with grocery prices up just over 11% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The upcoming Easter holiday will no doubt cause a strain on our wallets, but thankfully, Walmart understands that this year, we just don’t have the funds to celebrate like we have in years past.

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According to a statement received by Mashed, Walmart will be offering traditional Easter dinner ingredients, as well as a gift basket for under $100, selling Easter essentials last year's prices, despite inflation.

Walmart's website even features an "Easter meal checklist,” which contains popular holiday items such as ham, cherry pie, and mashed potatoes.

According to a blog from the company's Executive Vice President, the retailer's decision to freeze prices on holiday items came as the result of positive responses from shoppers regarding Walmart's initiative to offer Easter items in 2022 at their 2021 prices.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: SOPA Images