Woman walks out on a date because he wouldn’t pay $3 extra for cheese on his burger

Cheeseburger in a wrapper at a restaurant
Cheeseburger in a wrapper at a restaurant Photo credit Getty Images/bugking88

This woman’s rant has taken the internet by storm.

The woman Dafna posted a TikTok lamenting how she walked out on a date with a guy, after he refused to pay an extra $3 for cheese on his hamburger.

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To her credit, Dafna paid the tab for the meal secretly before ditching the dude at the restaurant, explaining that she wasn’t interested in dating such a frugal man, if even just for himself.

As you can imagine, the response Dafna has received has blown up in her face.

People called Dafna’s response rather “extreme,” and agreed with her date on the principle of not paying an extra $3 for a slice of cheese.

The response has been so brutal, Dafna revealed that she is giving the guy “a second chance” adding, “He's a psycho like me, and we're going to have fun."

Might we suggest going out for a slice of pizza this time?

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/bugking88