Woman finds huge wad of cash inside the pockets of a suit at Goodwill

Woman sifting through discounted clothing rack
Woman sifting through discounted clothing rack Photo credit Getty Images/Worayuth Kamonsuwan

You never know the kinds of goodies you will find whilst shopping at Goodwill.

Be it a vintage shirt or some wacky piece of artwork, or maybe even $630 in cash.

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A woman named Megan Meyer was shopping with her sister at a Goodwill when before leaving the store, decided to rummage through some pockets.

Meyer explained via the New York Post, “I go to Goodwills pretty often, usually around twice a week.  My sister and I were about to leave, and I said, ‘We should check suit pockets; I bet we would find something,’ so we stopped and looked through.

Pretty quickly, she gave me a look, and her eyes got super big. I thought she was just messing with me. She grabbed it — it looked like maybe a $20 and a few ones. We bought our stuff and headed to the car. When she unfolded it, we were in shock.”

The sisters didn’t just find a couple of $20s, but actually $630, all in cash!

Meyer believes the money was hidden on purpose as part of the donation.

She said, “A lot of people were calling me selfish, but I think the person intentionally put the money there when they donated the suit.  I’ve for sure given back to Goodwill and will continue to!”

People were quick to share their own stories of finding unexpected cash at Goodwill.

One person commented, “Book are also a good place to look. I found four 1984 $50 bills at Half Price once,” and another wrote, “Yeah I found $1500 in a suit when I volunteered at a thrift store.”

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