6.24.21 Dr. Miles - Woman is tired of her mother overstaying her welcome

Mother-in-law glaring at couple
Mother-in-law glaring at couple Photo credit Getty Images

Our Dr. Miles Intervention this morning involves a woman who thinks her mother has overstayed her welcome.

Her mother's "short" visits can last months at a time, and it's driving her crazy.

She feels that her mother absolutely adores her husband, even more than she. They'll stay up almost every night drinking wine, talking about HER!

She feels that her mother also has a very "old-school" mentality, and she needs to do a better job of treating her husband the way he 'deserves,' and it all came to a head when her mother told her that she needed to pick it up in the "sexy" department, in order to better please her man.

She needs help, advice, or some direction. How can she politely (if there is a way) tell her mother to pack her bags and get out because this is now putting a strain on her relationship with her husband?