Woman lands in emergency room after all-you-can-eat sushi binge gives her acid reflux

Chopsticks holding sushi rolls
Chopsticks holding sushi rolls Photo credit Getty Images/Ryzhkov

Who knew that an all-you-can-eat meal could end up being a bad thing?

A woman named Danielle Shapiro thought she hit it big when she discovered an all-you-can eat sushi deal, so she thought it would make a great video for her TikTok. Little did she know her evening would end with a trip to the emergency room.

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Well, that was bound to happen after Shapiro ate 32 pieces of sushi. Yeah...32! And that was on top of the four pieces of gyoza, jalapeño poppers, and an order of miso soup she also enjoyed.

She went home after dinner and though she felt a little ill, managed to fall asleep. However, she woke up with severe pain in her stomach and chest, had trouble breathing, and immediately booked a trip to the emergency room.

Thankfully in the end there wasn't any huge medical issue, it was just some MAJOR acid reflux, which makes sense considering she ate 32 PIECES OF SUSHI!

According to the NY Post, it took several days for Shapiro to feel normal again, and despite the trip to the ER, has no plans on giving up her favorite food any time soon.

"I will definitely eat sushi again! This experience has not ruined sushi for me, or the all-you-can-eat sushi experience. I did learn that next time I need to listen to my body and take things slower," she said.

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