Young girl calls 911 to tell first responders how much she loves them

Young girl talking on phone
Young girl talking on phone Photo credit Getty Images

Mylah Santa Maria didn't have an emergency when she dialed 911. Instead, the 6-year-old just called to tell the first responders just how much she loved them.

Mylah called 911 and quickly hung up when they answered. When they called back, the conversation went as follows:

Dispatcher: Hello, this is 911, we had a call from this number.
Mylah: Hey, um, I need y’all to tell the sheriff, tomorrow.
Dispatcher: Tell the sheriff what.
Mylah: That I love him and I love all of y’all.

Sheriff Darrell Perkins was so moved by the call that last Thursday, he visited Mylah at her home and even brought her some gifts ncluding a basket full of school supplies and a special Covington County Sheriff’s Department challenge coin.

Mylah starts the first grade in just a couple of weeks according to WLOX, and Sheriff Perkins promised he would come visit her at school.