Zoom introduces "attendance status" tool that will track your participation in meetings

Woman during video call with workmates
Woman during video call with workmates Photo credit Getty Images

We've all heard the phrase "snitches get stitches," right? Well brace up, Zoom. Y'all are about to get some stitches.

The days of showing up late to your work's Zoom meeting or even skipping them altogether have become a thing of the past thanks to Zoom's new "attendance status" tool.

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According to a blog posted by Theresa Larkin, Product Marketing Manager, Meetings & Chat for Zoom, and as reported by Tech Radar, “Attendance Status” promises to “streamline the start of your Zoom” meetings by allowing hosts and co-hosts to see whether people have accepted or declined their meeting invite and to see whether they have joined."

So basically, now the bosses will know when we've skipped the meeting.

The feature will sync with the Zoom hosts’ Google and Outlook calendars and is currently in beta mode.

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