Stewart Copeland says he gets along 'really well' with The Police when they're not making music

Plus, a look at his latest venture where he performs Police songs with an orchestra

It’s been over 13 years since The Police last took the stage together, but that’s not due to any personal animosity that exists between bandmates.

Stewart Copeland joined Audacy’s Maggie McKay for a wide-ranging conversation including how he and his bandmates from The Police get along, his current run of orchestral shows, and when he knew he was famous.

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Copeland said he, Sting, and Andy Summers usually reconnect “at each other's shows.”

“Sting plays more shows so it’s usually at Sting’s shows,” he says. Copeland says he and his former bandmates “get along really, really well.”

“As long as we’re not trying to make music well,” he continued.

Copeland’s latest project involves incorporating the music of The Police with an orchestra. His next live performance is scheduled for November 4 in Los Angeles where he’ll be performing with the Re-Collective Orchestra.

Copeland kind of stumbled his way into working with orchestras. After The Police disbanded, Copeland started composing music for films. “I learned involuntarily how to work with an orchestra, because with movies, you’ve got to have an orchestra,” he said.

“I’ve become very beguiled by it,” Copeland added. “I’m totally into making an orchestra do incredible things that an orchestra do. It has a huge vocabulary, it can pound, it can break your heart, it can sing gently, or it can rip your flesh. An orchestra really can r