Tina Fey Tells Oprah She Lost 30 Pounds During 'SNL'


When she’s not making people laugh or producing Broadway shows, Tina Fey is sticking to her diet plan and meeting weight goals.

The actress that brought “30 Rock’s” funny gal Liz Lemon to life credited WW (formerly Weight Watchers) with helping her shed weight.

Fey made an appearance at Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour stop in St. Paul Minnesota on Sunday, where she told the WW spokesperson that she lost 30 pounds thanks to the program.

Fey said the lifestyle change happened shortly after she moved from Chicago to New York in 1997 to become a writer on “Saturday Night Live.”

“I was in Chicago, and really enjoyed the food… and the big coats,” she jokingly told Winfrey, according to ET.

At first, the pressure and demands of the job caused her to deal with her stress by eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts, according to an interview with PEOPLE in 2004.

But that’s all in the past as Fey has embraced a healthier lifestyle.

In fact, she says that whenever her sweet tooth tingles, she eats a low-calorie dessert instead of skipping sweets altogether.

“I take a banana and strawberry, and put frozen Cool Whip on it with a chocolate drizzle, and tell myself it’s a banana split,” she said per ET.

According to O, the Oprah Magazine, Fey’s a “lifetime” WW member and occasionally uses the program’s community app to scout recipes under an alias.

She also admits that she’s not currently tracking points, but that will soon change as she gears up to host the 2021 Golden Globes alongside fellow comedian and partner-in-crime, Amy Poehler.

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