7-Eleven to open chain's first taco drive-thru

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For the last couple of years, chicken sandwiches have dominated fast food, with multiple chains adding the popular item to menus. However, it appears another menu item may soon be taking over: tacos.

7-Eleven recently announced they will be opening up the chain’s first ever drive-thru for their taco restaurant inside a location in Dallas.

A number of 7-Eleven locations have a Laredo Taco restaurant located inside, but with convenience becoming more important to the customer than ever before, the gas station chain has decided to test out a drive-thru for their food offerings.

The Dallas location will allow customers to order Slurpees along with items from the Laredo Taco menu.

“Customers looking for socially distanced ways to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner will really appreciate [the drive-thru] now," said Chris Tanco, 7-Eleven's chief operating officer.

According to CNN, the new drive-thru will be a part of 7-Eleven’s Evolution store in DFW, where new items often have their debut.

It is unknown at this time when customers can expect to see the debut of the new taco drive-thru. When it does arrive, it’ll definitely make getting tacos way easier.

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