LeBron James declines to say whether he'll get COVID-19 vaccine


Ahead of Sunday evening's NBA All-Star Game, the sport's most notable face wouldn't indicate one way or another whether he plans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Four-time NBA MVP LeBron James says he doesn't plan to reveal his choice on getting vaccinated.

"That's a conversation my family and I will have. I'll keep that to a private thing," James told the collective media, including Mark Medina of USA Today.

James, 36, of course, is entitled to keep his medical information private. It's possible that he does plan to receive it, and just isn't comfortable revealing it. It's also entirely possible that one of the most notable figures in the country has already received the vaccine, but doesn't want to give off the impression that he jumped the line because of who he is. It may also just be that James and his family still aren't sure whether they plan to get the injection as the Pfzier, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines become more widely available.

Because of the legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, among other things, African-Americans aren't as eager as other demographics to get a COVID-19 vaccine. In mid-February, KFF released polling that said "compared to other groups, a larger share of Black women (41%) and Black men (45%) say they want to 'wait and see' how the vaccine is working for others before getting vaccinated themselves." James could seemingly be a central figure in helping to build confidence in the vaccine, but that assumes that he himself doesn't have any reservations.

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